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    • Knockdown Electric Tricycle for Disabled 

      Jensak Ekburanawat (Rajamangala University Of Technology Rattanakosin, 2015)
      This research describes the development of knockdown electric tricycle for disabled. The structure of tricycle was split into two parts are a front part and a wheelchair. The front part tricycle was similar as a front part ...
    • Mixed Straw Biomass Electrical power Generation System by Using Gasification Technology 

      Jensak Ekburanawat; Chaiyan Thongsongyod (Rajamangala University Of Technology Rattanakosin, 2013)
      This research proposes the potential analysis and experiment results of the straw biomass in matter of the producer gas production by gasification technology. The producer gas from gasification process was sent to the ...
    • A Thermoelectric Pan for Heating and Chilling Application 

      Jensak Ekburanawat (Rajamangala University Of Technology Rattanakosin, 2019)
      This research is a development of the thermoelectric pan which is capable of both heating and chilling on a single pan. This thermoelectric pan is composed of six thermoelectric modules as a source of hot and cold ...